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ROOKIE is the TONY KART chassis homologated from 2010 to 2014 particularly conceived for international and national categories.

The frame, with a step of 950mm, is equipped with a new column support; thus, ROOKIE's design is more and more similar to the TONY KART's top chassis one.

This support ease the adjustable foot support assembly, a separately-sold OPTIONAL.

The BSM braking system, hydraulically operated, is equipped with a new forged aluminium caliper, improving its mechanical features, with double-fixing braking pads and with a new steel brake disc designed in order to allow a weight decrease, a higher heat dispersion and a better pad cleaning.

The new M5 bodywork and the new M5 rear protection, are based on the well-known M4 side-box, installed on KF and KZ chassis and used in occasion of the major international competitions.

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NORDIX is composed by a frame realized with Ø 28mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel with 1010mm wheelbase, suitable for drivers from 12 to 14 years old.
It is available in the Basic version with components OTK in machined aluminium. It is provided with eccentric washers which allow the adjustment of the camber and caster, with front bar which allows to modify the rigidity of the frame. and OTK M3 sideboxes with Racing stickers. 
The NORDIX is equipped with OTK BS2 brake system, axle of 40mm Ø and sideboxes OTK M4 complete with Racing stickers.





RACER EVK is composed by a frame realized with Ø 30 mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel, adjustable in height both front and rear. It is supplied with two torsion bars which allow to modify the rigidity of the chassis.

The adjustment of camber and caster is easily changeable thanks to the incorporated uniball eccentric washers. Racing is the version chosen for this model, at top of the range, and it is provided with magnesium OTK components.
The brake system can be chosen among the BS5 - SA2 - SA3 according to the category in which is used.
RACER EVK is equipped with the new OTK adjustable pedals in forged aluminium and with the new floor plate and the new 2013 model fuel tank.
The chassis has OTK M4 bodyworks, studied and tested in order to reduce the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance and they are complete with 2013 design stickers.


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